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Institute Facilities

KBBS welcomes its students to a pleasant and modern learning environment with a variety of study and leisure facilities such as air conditioned lecture rooms, self-study areas, and computer labs with free internet access, two spacious dining halls and a prayer room.

Newly refurbished Air-conditioned Lecture Halls are making it possible for lecturers to teach our courses in contemporary style utilizing high-tech lecture hall seating, communications equipment, innovative desktop designs and even unique lecture room seating arrangements to inspire students to take a more active part in the educational process.

Classroom innovative lecture hall seats are not an end in themselves, but they can be a very important tool in allowing interactions between instructors and students in promoting a proactive participation by students in the educational process.

KBBS Campus is beginning to incorporate such technically advanced innovative Lecture Halls to support their educational mission. These new technological advancements in lecture room seating not only permit us to teach and learn in exciting new ways, but they also elevate our spirits and excite our imagination.

Traditional classrooms are just as important as modern facilities in student learning. The KBBS has several class rooms that are used for most professional courses. These rooms range in size from about 100 seats to 20 seats to accommodate the different size sections.

Computer Facilities Available To Students

The Computer Center operates under the supervision of the Management Information Systems department and provides up-to-the-minute facilities, with the objective to support the needs of the teaching, administrative functions of the Campus.

The center continuously strives to provide the best computing facilities and to reach as many aspects of the college as possible; to enhance and enrich the process of education and lead it to the forefront of technology. Its efforts have not only brought the different faculties and functions of the college closer, but have also eased the interchange of information with the rest of the world.

The Campus encourages the use of computers by all students, even if their major field of study is not Computer Science. We will be happy to show prospective students round the Campus Excellent. Please contact KBBS’s reception staff if you wish a tour of the College.

Study Course Materials

At KBBS we believe in offering our students a complete study package and therefore include comprehensive study material as part of the course fee. The study material you are given will depend on the type of course you enroll for.

ACCA & CIMA Courses

Students will be given an original BPP textbook, an examination kit and handouts from the lecturers.

Lecturers’ Study Notes

These study notes provide students with in-depth study material for each session. Specially written and tailored by the lecturers themselves, these notes correspond closely to the topics covered in each session. They provide students with material to work on at home which helps to build on what has been taught in each class. They are provided in loose-leaf format with a smart KBBS ring binder to keep them in.


For certain courses, KBBS Campus has selected an appropriate standard textbook. Students find this study manual a very useful and informative source to back up what is learnt in class.

Examination Kit

For professional courses, an examination kit which contains a wealth of exam-style questions with suggested answers is given to students. These Kits offer essential exam practice and give you a feel for the type of questions which may come up in the exam.

Progress Tests and Mock Exams

Given out on professional courses, the progress tests are designed to test your accumulated knowledge as you move through the course. The format of the tests will be similar to that of the exams. The mock exam gives you the opportunity to test your knowledge. You are advised to sit the mock exam under exam conditions.

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